For the schools which are outside the Perth metro area, EdTech-Challenges can offer webinars on the topics which are offered in the face2face sessions. 

I use the Zoom video conferencing technology to deliver webinar sessions. Participants will hear, see, do - and ask questions. It won't be a passive talking-head style webinar. Participants are able to see me and my screen and speak directly to me which makes it easy for participants to follow what is happening. This also enables me to pace the delivery of the webinar to suit the audience. A major feature of this software is that a participant can show me their screen if they wish - this can help a lot in trouble shooting! 

Any colleagues who aren't able to participate will be able to share in the learning as I can record the webinars and make them available online. 

Note: this isn't limited to just Western Australia - I can do this to anywhere in the world!



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