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Imagine this scenario – you are at a conference and you want some group participation by way of some written information to an open ended question. Easy enough if you are in a lab with OneNote, but quite a different matter if you are relying only on whatever device the delegates have – iPads, iPhones, Android smart phones and tablets, Windows laptops, Blackberry phones and Playbooks. The one thing they have in common is the ability to browse the web, so if you have wifi available, then you can connect them all. There is a marvelous website called that helps you do this.

You go to the website and create your own extension to the url. You then give this to whoever you want, and it even has a QR code built in so you can either print it or have people come to the screen to get super fast access to it. Then you assign a group to answer in a particular section of the webpage, and the answers start coming in.

I have many devices at home and work using at least 4 different operating systems and many more web browsers, and I would like instant access to my to do list on all of them. No problem – I just keep a bookmark to the webpage I’ve created for myself on every device and browser – no password nor software required. If you want people to view a kl1p webpage but not change it, no problem, just lock it. And if you want bit of privacy you can even make it so only you can see it by entering a password. Want to swiftly pass a document or image? Just upload it to the webpage.

It is like Microsoft’s OneNote, but works on all web browsers, not just in computers that have the software or app loaded. Such a wonderful website that is so useful in the post-Windows dominant era!

Note – it is pronounced clip but the i is in fact number 1.

Tools in kl1p

Tools in kl1p

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