Even digital natives need help from teachers at times

Happy uni students with laptops

They look digitally savvy – but can they manage their uni apps?

Just because students look really switched on and masters of their digital world doesn’t mean they can effortlessly adapt to a new app or online program. Teachers can’t assume too much digital expertise and will need to build in the possibility of some student training every time they introduce a new digital aspect into their teaching.

As a study into university students in the USA showed: “ Students often encountered logistical and technical issues with course-related apps, and they didn’t have ready access to support. This echoes the discrepancy about students’ fluency in digital media. Requiring students to use mobile devices doesn’t mean they’ll instinctively leverage them effectively, nor can they always troubleshoot when problems arise. ” From: https://edtechmagazine.com/higher/article/2017/06/digital-literacy-training-improves-mobile-learning-outcomes


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