Limits to webhosts unlimited offers

The attraction of unlimited disk space and unlimited MySQL databases is a great lure to someone like myself who just wants to dabble for the time being. So I set up the following installations – Joomla, Xoops, WordPress (this one) plus 5 Moodle sites. Of course I had my own email hosted here, and a collection of family photos.  None of this would attract much bandwidth – which was also unlimited, but I did read that if you attracted too much traffic, you would be “advised to pay for more bandwidth”.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I got cut off for going over the inode limit – not a highly advertised part of the small print! I have since found that a moodle site has approximately 7,200 inodes and Xoops about 6,000, just at start up. My current set up of mail, family photo albumn, plus 2 moodle sites, one Joomla, and this blog, and has 45,342 inodes. Not much space for content, and none for adding any extra LMS.


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