Two more online clipboards worth knowing about

Since I move around a lot of different campuses and venues, I talk to a lot of groups that I want to give links to so they can see online resources I have created or want to share with them.  I don’t usually have access to their email accounts nor any LMS they use. In the past I have used It has also had short periods of not being available, but it is still my favourite, especially for iPad users as it produces clickable links, not just text that needs to be copied and pasted. has also been useful as I do not have to log in to use it, but the site has been down for the past week, so that is not reliable.  However, I now feel that I need a back up option.

So I have done some research for alternatives and come across two that are worth using:

This was designed for coders to share code and keep the code exactly as they had typed it. It works for links too so long as the receiver clicks in the box in the top to make links clickable. You are able to create a short custom URL which no one else can edit. Make sure you keep the URL for the editing page! Perfect for mobiles. Very easy to use.

Textsnip - a useful online clipboard

Textsnip – a useful online clipboard 

This website is similar to the textsnips website but it is not intended for coders, just normal users who want to pass text between computers or share with others. It also allows you to make a custom URL and the links can be made clickable. It is supported by ads, which is fine as they don’t interfere with the functionality I want.

When you get to you are met with the instructions on how to use it. One you click on the cross to delete it you are left with a blank page and a tool bar on the right side. As with Textsnips, make sure you keep the URL for the editing page! Very easy to use.

shrib tool bar

Shrib tool bar

If you have any other suggestions, please leave a comment.


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