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wualaI am revisiting the topic of cloud back up as I have come across an interesting definition of what constitutes a safe cloud back up option. Test: can the back up company reset your password? If the answer is no, then they can’t hand over your details to any government snooping for information. That’s an interesting angle, but as I’m not up to anything nefarious, not much of a selling point personally. But it also means that if anyone breaks into the cloud backup provider, then they can’t find a data area that stores the passwords and usernames together and then use that to access your files in the same way as you do. That is closer to something that interests me. Especially after having both Adobe and Yahoo inform me this year that they think my username and password on their services may have been stolen, so could I please change my password.


On that basis and may be two of the safest options. They can only provide you with hints that you made yourself to help jog your memory, and that is it. On the one hand I feel these companies deserve my  back up cash. But on the other, what happens if I forget what the password hint means? Then I am really set adrift from my files.

P.S. As soon as I find the website  I got this idea from, I shall acknowledge the inspiration.

Meanwhile, here is a debate on whether to use cloud computing or not:

Later ….

Installed both Wuala and Spider Oak on my Android 2.2 HCT Desire. Neither would find my photos and automatically upload them. Big thumbs down. Reinstalled SugarSync which does a great job of uploading my phone photos. In Linux Spider Oak works well, but the Wuala Linux client wouldn’t start the day after I installed it. It is a real pity that SugarSync doesn’t have a Linux client …

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