Sharing links with iPad users is just a tap away

Scenario – you have a new class and want them all to go to this great website. Problem is the website url is really very long. Writing it on the board is not going to work well. What do you do?

Solution –

  1. Copy the really long url
  2. Go to
  3. Right click in the text box to bring up the options.
  4. Choose Insert link
  5. Paste in the link and then give a brief title in Text to display
  6. Press OK
  7. In the top right corner add some text to make a custom url that the students can easily write and remember such as your name. If that url is taken, try adding numbers to it, e.g. Alan23
  8. Click on the red Publish button at the bottom which will create the url for the page.
  9. Now put this url on the board for students to write down.
  10. When they go to this webpage all they have to do is tap on the long url and they get taken to the website you want them to see.
  11. Ask students to bookmark the url you have created: Later when you want to get them to go to another website, all you need to do is enter the new link in the same page and students can quickly click on it.


You can also use this to share photos and embed videos.

It is a secure way of sharing links and text as only the author can edit it. However, there is also a drawback to this security. The only way you can edit it is to use the same browser on the same computer that you created it in. Not so useful if you write it at home and want to edit it at work from another machine. Of course you can always create another note on your work machine, copy across the links or photos from your note you made at home and add more – all in a few clicks.

The instructions page is here:

I’ve used in the past for sharing links, documents and photos between PCs and devices. It works great on PC’s but copying a url from on an iPad is a tricky task. That is why it was great to find

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