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Capture webpages beyond the screen

I love the Snipping Tool that MS Windows supplies. Just select the part of the screen you want to capture, highlight the part you need to, then press the email icon and send it on to the person needing it. … Continue reading

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Improved Nearpod now acting as “anywherepod”

When my colleagues and I first tried out Nearpod it was a bit problematic connecting to each other. Students and teachers used different wireless networks – was that the problem? Whatever the problem, it was limited to teachers and students … Continue reading

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Best Free iPad Presentation Apps

I was asked which apps were best for an iPad multimedia presentation – primarily to assess speaking, but the ability to add text and photos was also desired. The simpler the better. The list got cut down to 3: Book Creator, … Continue reading

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Safest online cloud back up options

I am revisiting the topic of cloud back up as I have come across an interesting definition of what constitutes a safe cloud back up option. Test: can the back up company reset your password? If the answer is no, … Continue reading

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iPad labs and exporting material

The problem with using iPads in lab situations where students have created something such as a photo, movie, Pages document, annotated document, or other file, is how do they export their creation? They can’t use: a flash disk as iPads … Continue reading

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Keep tabs on how your students are performing on their iPads.

You have a class of 20 students and they work at different speeds. You do your best to keep tabs on their performance in an activity, but really, with an average of 2.5 minutes to attend to each student in … Continue reading

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Xmarks – synching Firefox bookmarks and IE favourites plus …

I am responsible for 2 computer labs with a total of 43 computers and students are forever messing up their bookmarks. It would be a tedious job to delete the additions and return the others to their correct place bookmark … Continue reading

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An easy to use online poll

  A colleague wanted to see if his students had learnt a vocabulary item he had taught in the previous lesson. He had made up a multiple choice question to test the item and would usually put it on the … Continue reading

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Back up your files in the Cloud

Students rarely back up their files regularly, and it is common for many of them to complain that their projects were lost because their laptops were destroyed by viruses or hard drive failures, or lost as they lost their copy … Continue reading

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