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Youtube keeps offensive Youtuber, kicks out proven inoffensive creators.

New YouTube Partner Program (YPP) rules announced on 16 January 2018 will penalize the smaller and new video creators (https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/72857?hl=en). These new rules state that a Youtube channel needs to have 4000 hours of viewing time and 1000 subscribers to … Continue reading

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Youtube uploading can choke your internet

Ever find at home that the internet becomes very slow suddenly and for no apparent reason? You guess someone is downloading a movie but no one is. Someone is uploading to Youtube, but that should be okay as it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Downloading videos from the internet

There are lots of good reasons to download videos from the internet such as wanting to view them when you aren’t connected to the internet, not wanting to waste bandwidth and downloading quotas by downloading a video more than once … Continue reading

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