Turn webpages into PDFs

You can use the Print function in Windows to save a webpage as a PDF – but the end result can be quite disappointing with some words missing and formatting all over the place.

A better option is to use a website called, appropriately, Print Friendly. It is OCR readable and the web links still work. Simple to use – just paste the url of the page you want to convert to PDF, select PDF and it will give a good result. Not perfect, but more than acceptable.

A great feature is that it gives you the option of removing parts you don’t want, such as adverts, before the final conversion.

If you think this will be a regular enough occurrence then you can use the extension for your browser that places a button on your address bar.

Capture a webpage in a PDF

Capture a webpage in a PDF

As a web based service it is suitable for all devices and operating systems that are internet enabled.

If you want an “ad-free service, white-label, and advanced customization” you can buy an an account. It has been translated to over 20 languages, which is a great bonus for those who do not speak English.

Note: 21 May 2017

I have used this several times to save some blogs and have had mixed success. So make sure you check what has actually been captured. If what you want to capture has not been captured, then report that to the support desk. It will help them improve their product.

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