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I confess I rarely use my wall calendar. I occasionally have bursts of energy and start filling in the calendar, but the main reason I buy a calendar is for the monthly pictures more than the reminder function! I need to have access to a calendar that is with me all the time, not just at home.

I do feel I should use my online calendar more regularly. My personal choice is the Google calendar as is available on all my devices so I am going to make that one of the tabs that opens when I start my browser.

But calendars are not really what I need to organise myself better. I need to do lots of things but not at any particular time. What I need is to be reminded of all the things I want to do and create a priority list for each day. It is a “2 do” list basically. I notice that Google has added that feature to their calendars and coincidentally had a pop up asking me to try it just as I was preparing to write this! Scary!

My solution has been to use I have it on my Android phone, iPad, and it is now the home page on my Google browser. You can create lots of webpages (linoit calls them canvases) to devote to different aspects you want to have sticky notes for – I have a canvas for home, different places I work, different subjects I teach. Plus one 2 do canvas where I try to remind myself of all the projects and pending items. More than a sticky note page, it can take videos and pictures as well.

linoit main page

The main canvas – instructions for how to use it that all subscribers get

As I have 3 work places, I often have inspiration for different jobs and want jot it down before I forget. Linoit is perfect for that. At home I sometimes use more than one computer at a time.  If there is something I need to use on the other computer, for example a slab of text, I just put it on a sticky note and it appears instantly on the other computer. It is excellent for passing on some urls from a computer for using in the iPad as the urls appear as hyperlinks and can be just pressed.

Teachers can use it for their classes as well by sharing a canvas with a class, though I don’t use this function. If you do start using it a lot, especially for multimedia, you will have to pay for an upgrade as it is limited by how much you transfer each month – similar to the way Evernote works. I have never gone over the limit as I use it mainly for text.

As a further reminder system I am starting to use the Sticky notes that come with Windows, putting up the daily targets. Whenever I have minimised my windows and am back at the desktop I can glance at the sticky note to see how well I am progressing.

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