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How to transfer Minecraft worlds between iPads

Transferring anything between iPads is traditionally a difficult task. I have used FileHub to in the past to transfer documents, photos and music. Google Drive and other cloud storage providers can do a similar job. However, transferring Minecraft worlds has … Continue reading

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Reduce long urls to a click

View this video to see how you can use to reduce a long url to a clickable one. Great for mLearning on phones and tablets. In short: Copy a web link from a website. Go to Write a … Continue reading

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iPad – teachers and parents in control

Earlier this month I went to a meeting about the introduction of iPads to my children’s secondary school and was astonished regarding how far iPads have progressed in terms of being more suitable for education. I have taught classes with … Continue reading

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Chromebooks vs iPads – the trend is clear. But why?

Having spent some years teaching with iPads, and teaching others to use iPads, I was sceptical as to how useful Chromebooks could really be. When I was asked by my daughter’s school to provide her with a Chromebook, I baulked … Continue reading

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Thinking Inside the Box(.com)

Too many teachers and too few computers in the staffroom? This isn’t the way to keep the teachers at maximum efficiency and happy! At my college there was only one computer for up to 10 teachers in one part of … Continue reading

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iPads Wireshare and Guided Access saved the day

Today I had a student who needed to view a video and take notes while the rest were studying. Normally I use a spare room that has an eBoard or wait till I get into the lab, but neither were … Continue reading

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Android and Microsoft best tablets for sharing at schools?

If you are a teacher using a shared set of iPads (or, more to the point, the person who has the job of advocating and troubleshooting such an approach) over a whole school or between some classes, have you asked … Continue reading

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Prezi and multiplatform compatibility: now you hear it, now you don’t

Using Prezi is a prime example of making sure things work in all the platforms you intend to use it on, before you use it. I created a Prezi last week and wanted to share it in an environment where … Continue reading

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Teaching with iPads – not child’s play

When iPads were introduced to one workplace, it was suggested that because even 2 year olds could use it, there wasn’t any real need for training in how to use them. In some ways, that was correct. Just press the … Continue reading

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Improved Nearpod now acting as “anywherepod”

When my colleagues and I first tried out Nearpod it was a bit problematic connecting to each other. Students and teachers used different wireless networks – was that the problem? Whatever the problem, it was limited to teachers and students … Continue reading

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