Participant engagement: Display Instagrams on a Screen

If you have an event and you want to get people feeling involved, then encourage them to take Instagrams. You can do that by displaying the Instagrams prominently on a plasma screen or projecting them on to a white board or wall.

One of the best ways of doing this is to use You can get an embed code for an Instagram hashtag then embed that code in a blog page. Snapwidget can make the Instagrams scroll along dynamically or create a dynamic grid display which displays the latest Instagrams in the top row.

Scrolling Instagrams

Scrolling Instagrams – eye catching presentation

Instagrams displayed in gallery style

Instagrams displayed in gallery style – dynamic display

Using Snapwidget requires you to be able to create a blog or website. However, if you go to, you can get a website immediately set up to display your hastags. I found it didn’t display all the Instagrams taken and the refresh wasn’t as automatic as I would have liked, but it certainly provides added eye candy to an event.

Instagrams displayed using tagboard.

Instagrams displayed using



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