Quizizz – more versatile than Quizlet Live or Kahoot

Quizlet Live and Kahoot are great for generating fun quizzes for use in the classroom However, with those quizzes, if you have students that are absent for any reason, they won’t be able to participate and share the same challenge later or from a computer away from the classroom. You can’t set a challenge for homework with those two games.

Enter Quizizz, which has the ability for asynchronous playing. It is a great feature. You can set the quiz to end at a particular time, for example, a week away, challenging the students to get the highest score within that time period.

quizizz timer

Quizizz timer

You can shuffle the order of the questions and the options within the questions, which can somewhat deter illegal collaboration. Here are some of the options teachers have after the quiz has been created:

quizizz settings

Quizizz game settings


When you first view Kahoot and Quizizz, you can well imagine that a lot of the design is actually the same coding as they seem so similar. One point of difference is that the questions and options in Kahoot are on the teacher’s screen, with the students only having to choose between the different colours on their devices. When playing a Quizizz quiz, students can read the options on their own devices. This could be very useful for students who have difficulty reading the teacher’s screen.

Like Kahoot and Quizlet, Quizizz allows teachers to find and import suitable quizzes and share them with one another. Having trawled through the offerings,  I would say that the Quizlet quizzes are the most likely to be written by teachers and therefore reliable. Many Kahoot and Quizlet quizzes appear to be written by students and contain glaring errors!


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