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Too many teachers and too few computers in the staffroom? This isn’t the way to keep the teachers at maximum efficiency and happy! At my college there was only one computer for up to 10 teachers in one part of the campus. If any teacher needed access to the computer to create or edit some material for over a few minutes, tempers could get frayed. The biggest culprit was a teacher who had actually brought his own MacBook to college but didn’t use it for creating materials as he wasn’t sure of an efficient way to get the material to the college PC to print it out.

Luckily he was open to suggestions so I guided him to using All that is needed do is:

  • firstly create a free account
  • then create a folder
  • get the link to share the folder.
  • The link is very long so you then need to use to create a short, custom url for the folder that is easy to remember and type on a different computer.
Box link

Box link

So now he creates his material on the MacBook then drags it into his linked folder. Then whenever the computer is available he can quickly go into the folder and print what he wants.

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