How to transfer Minecraft worlds between iPads

Transferring anything between iPads is traditionally a difficult task. I have used FileHub to in the past to transfer documents, photos and music. Google Drive and other cloud storage providers can do a similar job. However, transferring Minecraft worlds has not been nearly as easy because accessing the Minecraft application data folders in iPads is quite difficult.

Luckily, iFunbox makes this task very easy. It has been around since 2008, so it has taken me 10 years to discover it! It is a program that can run on Macs or Windows machines which will provide you with a Windows Explorer type of folder views so you can browse to the folders you wish and also copy and paste the folders.

I used a Windows 7 computer and downloaded the latest iFunbox and iTunes programs. You need to have iTunes for iFunbox to work.

  1. After installing the two programs, connect the iPad that contains the games you want to the computer via the USB charger.
  2. Go to Managing App Data
  3. Left click on Minecraft to bring up the dropdown menu. 
  4. Left click on the Open Sandbox option.
  5. Click on Games and then click on com.mojang.
  6. You will now see the minecraftWorlds folder:
  7. Select the folder then press Copy To PC
  8. Save it somewhere on the PC.
  9. Click on the iPad’s name at the top of the iFunbox program:
  10.  Select: Device Safe Removal
  11. Connect the iPad you want to add the games.
  12. Follow the above steps to get to the minecraftWorlds folder.
  13. Click on Copy From PC.
  14. Browse to theminecraftWorlds folder you copied from the first iPad and select all the subfolders. These are all games.
  15. Copy all these subfolders and paste them into the new iPad’s minecraftWorlds folder. This adds the games, keeping the original games as well.
  16. Click on the iPad’s name at the top of the iFunbox program.
  17.  Select: Device Safe Removal
  18. Refresh Minecraft in the iPad you have transferred the worlds to and you should see all the old and transferred worlds there.

Hope you have success in doing this!



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